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Quit your job and join our career oriented team!

You were looking for a job with career potential and we are looking for a person with Mr. Gas potential.  Bring all of your ambition, determination and enthusiasm to our team.  We recognize that our employees are the primary key to our success, so you will never be treated as a number in our fun and drug free work environment.

We are an Equal Opportunity Empoyer.


Benefits include: Competitive pay, health insurance, paid vacations, 401k savings plan, free car washes, and monthly bonuses of up to $400 per employee per month.


Qualifications before you apply:

  • 1 year continuous employment at your previous job
  • Minimum 19 years old for Mr. Gas and 16 years old for Mr. Wash/ Bent Bean
  • Documented experience giving exceptional customer service
  • Ability to handle money accurately
  • Ability to stand for at least 8 hours
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs
  • Must have Valid Drivers License and own reliable transportation.
  • Does not have prior engagements or commitments for the next 90 days
  • Clean background check
  • Drug free
  • Good Credit Score


Job Activities of a Sales Associates:

  1. Give fast, friendly customer service
  2. Greet and provide service to the customer in an efficient and courteous manner.
  3. Perform necessary monetary/credit card transactions related to the sale of products.
  4. Secure funds with proper safe drops.
  5. Maintain cleanliness and/or safety of store, equipment, lot, and landscaping.
  6. Maintain stocks on all shelves and coolers.
  7. Give fast, friendly customer service.
  8. Assist in display preparation and maintenance.
  9. Assist manager in inventory control.
  10. Clean restrooms every hour.
  11. Accurate daily accounting, depositing, and timely bank drops.
  12. Clean, clean, clean.
  13. Give fast, friendly customer service

Physical Surroundings/Hazards

The Sales Associate is subject to Environmental Conditions throughout all seasons: activities occur both inside and outside.The Sales Associate is subject to Hazards: these might include, but not limited to, proximity to moving mechanical parts, electrical current, slippery surfaces, working on ladders or other elevated platforms, exposure to low or high temperatres, or exposure to chemicals in many forms and via possible routes of exposure (skin, eyes, lungs, etc)The Sales Associate is subject to Atmospheric Conditions: one or more of the following conditions that affect the respiratory system or skin: fumes, odors, dust, mist, or gases.

Mr. Gas Values:  We are committed to continuing the long and productive tradition as a respected citizen who serves and enriches the community we live and work in.


Currently Available

Mr. Gas Sales Associate - Full Time
POSTED: February 17, 2020