About Mr.Gas
About Mr Gas
About Mr Gas

About Mr Gas

Mission Statement:

At the heart of the Mr. Gas way is our mission to be the best convenience store in customer service and cleanliness.  Customer service has no limits and we guarantee the customer has a positive-quick experience, every visit.


Vision: We were born a family company and still are a family company with family values practicing good community citizenship.  We endeavor to be the best in class using our belief that passionate people exerting maximum effort can achieve anything, exceptional customer service is our goal.  We will continue to offer you, our valued customer, competitive pricing on your day-to-day purchases in a clean and safe environment with courteous, knowledgeable, and respectful management and staff.  If you find we have fallen short in anyway to fulfill this mission, please go to our "contact us" tab to voice your concern.  We rely on our customers to inform us of our short comings, so that we may learn, correct and continue to improve everyday.

Mr. Gas strongly believes in giving back to our local community every year.  The company wisely invests money and product that will impact organizations and individuals who are in need.  


Guidelines to consider before requesting contribution:

  • Are you an eligible 501 (3) nonprofit organization located within Burley, Rupert, or Twin Falls? 
  •  Are you a local school?
  • Are you an organization that demonstrates measurable, positive change within our community? 


If your organization is eligable under these guidlines, send a request with all of your details under the "Contact Us" tab located on www.mrgas.com.